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You have a car or home mortgage payment.

These bills are due each and every month, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

But what if there was a way to be able to avoid paying one bill for one month, and keep that money in your pocket, no late charges or bill collector phone calls? But, I don’t want to waste your time, if you actually believe there is no way in this world, that you can avoid paying one bill for one month, and have no late fees. Please stop reading now. This plan is not for you.

Hello, my name is Vic, and I was frustrated having to pay bills every month. Just like you, I don’t like paying bills.

I knew there was a way to somehow “skip” paying one bill for one month, I just had to find it.

I thought, what if I made a yearly calendar, and marked the monthly dates I get paid and when I needed to pay my bills. Then paid my bills according to the marked calendar dates. I looked carefully at the year long calendar and the dates I marked, over time it turns out I would be able to avoid paying one bill.

I looked twice at my calendar; and I confirmed, I would be able to skip paying one bill for one month. No late charges, just more money in my pocket

That was back in January 2011, that bill was my car payment; it felt really good to have an extra $345.00 in my pocket to spend as I wish.

The following month I resumed paying my car payment, with no late charges, and no nasty phone calls from any bill collectors.

I made 2012 calendars for my friends Greg and Russ. Greg has had some dental work done and had monthly payments; Russ has cable TV and cell phone bills. Using the calendars I made, I figured Greg can skip his monthly dental bill in June 2012. Russ can skip BOTH of his monthly bills in November. Russ used the extra money to make Christmas better for his family.

To take advantage of this plan; here is what you will need to do.


  • Purchase the plan, from my ebay BUY IT NOW auction.
  • Provide some basic, non-confidential information, like your name and address to me via e-mail (so I can mail the calendar to you).
  • Provide or car or mortgage bill names, the amounts due and due dates. (No account numbers and dollar amounts, please).
  • Let me know when you get paid, weekly, or by-weekly (twice a month). These dates should occur about the same time each month. If you are receiving a government check, that works too, just list the check receive date. No dollar amounts, I really don’t want to know how much you get paid.

I will provide

  • A 12 month plan calendar, printed and bound.
  • A summary sheet listing exactly when you do not have to pay that bill, and when you will have extra cash in your pocket.
  • E-mail support for any questions you may have.


What you will need to do.

  • Pay your bills online using your computer.
  • Pay your bills to current monthly paid status, before you start this plan.
  • Pay your bills on the marked days according to the provided calendar, not before and not after.

My guarantee to you:

If I cannot save you money when you pay your bills using the calendar. I will refund all of your money, shipping and handling included.


For $12.00

 You will receive:

 7 page bound report that includes the summary page and calendar.

The summary page lists all of the information you have provided, and lists the months you will have the extra cash.

 The six page yearly calendar show you the exact month you will have extra cash.


I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact me through ebay.

Contact me through ebay

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